Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lighthouse picnic

Holidays are over, back to school for Huds tomorrow and back out on the hill for me, GPSing some new lines around the back. The weather has been fantastic the last few days, after a week of heavy rain, sleet and snow we have a settled high over us and gorgeous calm clear days. We had the most memorable day yesterday, some friends took us a few km off the coast to an island with a lighthouse on it that we look at everyday and though we've tried, we've never had the chance to get there. After we landed, which was a wee adventure in itself, we sat on the rocky eastern shore and had some scones, it was lovely!

The island had heaps of fur seals, birds and not much else but weeds but we all love a good scrounge around for rubbish and treasure, we found this huge rope and a bouy that will end up on Huds bed.

There was a beach made from very fine stones facing south, we spent a few hours just soaking it up, i know at some stage places like these will be harder for Huds to get to so we make the most of it whist we can get him to remote places.

Huds absolutely loved the whole trip, he yahooed all the way there, laughed and squealed to be this closer to the lighthouse he sees from Bluff and fizzed all the way home.

That's Motupohue in the background, Bluff hill, great to see it from a different angle with just the beautiful forest showing rather than the felled pine trees that are a horrid eyesore! This must have been a flagstaff that someone has chainsawed down, the pole is lying on the ground there, long way to send signals!! I think Huds will remember this trip forever, and these snaps join the other lighthouse ones he has, he's getting his own lighthouse collection!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Have just been looking at our cyberfriends Ayla's blog and her skiing escapades, fantastic to see! Huds has made a few trips up this season but has only made it out on the snow once thanks to blizzards and high winds, it has been an adventure just trying!

Huds skis at The Remarkables, it's 3hours from our door to the slopes and instrustor Ross has been fantastic, Huds get sooo excited about going that I'm gonna have to medicate him next time cause he's amping until midnight and awake a few hours later ready to go!

Our mate Amy was on the slopes that day too so she helped Ross, loading Huds on the chair lift and being a target for Huds to practice his steering, he was squealing with delight :-) On the first run I got on a seat ahead and took a few snaps, Huds was laughing most of the way up!

At the top of Alta run Ross sorts out the tethers so if he slips Huds doesn't high tail it down the mountain, though he's looking like he thinks that'd be fun! Ross encourages Huds to steer by saying 'left' and 'right' and they do 's's down the mountain, aiming for Amy most of the time and laughing
After an Alta run Ross then took Huds up Sugar, it's sweet ;-) You can see how jam packed it was on the day, hardly had to cue at all and not many people up there, was such a great start to the season, have tried to get up there twice since with no success, gotto keep trying though!

Anyone want to join us next time?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Timing's perfect!

On Friday at the Otatara Community Nursery I asked if there was any issues about planting natives on the verge, not an issue apparently, which is lucky because I am currently transforming a 6x20m verge of sloping grass into a bountiful if small forest ;-) Bit by bit the grass is being covered by the carpet ripped up from the house before the floors were polished and as the grass dies I plant it out in natives and move the carpet along, good things take time!
In Saturdays paper there's an article about a similar endeavour in Otatara and local legend Lloyd:
Hmmm, doesn't make it exactly clear what the issues are besides obscuring drivers vision but surely 6m off the road and plans to hedge it isn't creating an issue for the council, sanity often doesn't prevail though!

Up and running again hopefully ;-)

We've had a huge weekend, going up to Dunedin to see Nitro-circus, a complete blast and stayed at the Flett Whare, had a great catch-up and talked endlessly about disability issues, equipment, communication and the like, went for another spin on the Hase tandem with Huds! If you have the means I highly recommend picking one up (Thanks Ferris)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gayle Hall

Some days it seems like bad news is everywhere,, terrible news really.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paralympic inspiration
Just flicking through these pics from the parlympics made me think of how aware I am of these competitors and how I have no idea about past competitors and no memories of watching the paralympics in my childhood. My fave would be Adam Hall (NZ bias perhaps) and his Mum and the exchange of love and respect between them.
Hudson has really enjoyed watching the highlights each night and I was captivated. The whole movement is so embracing maybe one day our whole society will get up to speed with it!
I wonder where Hudson could find a place amongst it though, boccia for sure, but since it doesn't include anything that makes him fizz- speed, height or pulling "G's" I'm not sure boccia will make his wheels spin!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feedback gets you everywhere!
Reminds me to give feedback where-ever possible!
Today I've tried to buy a blender-kitchen appliance that I think costs a couple of thousand dollars and I'm finding it hard to understand why but I can't just go and buy one! Even though I've explained to the company that I just want to buy one today (we're not at home and I don't have access to our usual vitamix that makes tube feeding whole meals simple), I can't!
I have to set up an appointment with the company salesperson, have them come into my home (which of course I'm not in, I'm staying with an aunt in Aussie) and watch them demonstrate the appliance so I fully understand how wonderful it is. Am I difficult? All I wanted today was to buy one! But I can't, not allowed, crazy! No matter- I'll just go buy something a tenth of the price that I'll burn out in a couple of months! Any recommendations?