Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Have just been looking at our cyberfriends Ayla's blog and her skiing escapades, fantastic to see! Huds has made a few trips up this season but has only made it out on the snow once thanks to blizzards and high winds, it has been an adventure just trying!

Huds skis at The Remarkables, it's 3hours from our door to the slopes and instrustor Ross has been fantastic, Huds get sooo excited about going that I'm gonna have to medicate him next time cause he's amping until midnight and awake a few hours later ready to go!

Our mate Amy was on the slopes that day too so she helped Ross, loading Huds on the chair lift and being a target for Huds to practice his steering, he was squealing with delight :-) On the first run I got on a seat ahead and took a few snaps, Huds was laughing most of the way up!

At the top of Alta run Ross sorts out the tethers so if he slips Huds doesn't high tail it down the mountain, though he's looking like he thinks that'd be fun! Ross encourages Huds to steer by saying 'left' and 'right' and they do 's's down the mountain, aiming for Amy most of the time and laughing
After an Alta run Ross then took Huds up Sugar, it's sweet ;-) You can see how jam packed it was on the day, hardly had to cue at all and not many people up there, was such a great start to the season, have tried to get up there twice since with no success, gotto keep trying though!

Anyone want to join us next time?

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