Saturday, February 27, 2010

Roving Reporters

How cool, just seen this on the net:
Just love how peoples ideas come together and change someone elses life, love to think that Hudson may one day be a roving reporter, though living in Bluff there isn't perhaps alot of things to report on, tractor runs, boats sinking, hmm, there must be a market in that!
We've spent most of the day out and about, Sub has re-jigged the buggy beast and we've cycled down oreti beach and gone for a long walk around Bluff this evening, such a beautiful day and loads of people out and about so it took a while! To think what we'd be doing without that buggy, life would be different, Huds loves it, to think if we didn't live here we'd never have met these people who make such a huge difference in our lives!