Friday, January 15, 2010

Sleep skills

What is it about kids that they only sleep in when you have to be up early! Hudson isn't known for his sleeping abilities, he takes ages to go to sleep, often wakes in the night, sometimes for hours and rarely actually sleeps in- except for this morning!
Today we are-were- planning on going along on a DoC (Dept of Conservation) bird leg banding session, stating at 7am rounding up ducks and whatever else on a private lagoon that I've been wanting to go to for ages, then spending the rest of the morning putting bands on their legs to individually identify them, a skill that will come in handy if/when we gat around to banding the birds on the Bluff hill here

But of course for the first time these whole holidays Hudz is sleeping in, it's 0840hrs and he's still snoozing, despite the radio being on, the dog being manic, the sun shining on his face through his curtainless window, ships coming and going on the harbour, the howling easterly that is blowing gale force, and the dulcet tones of Meri Leask on Bluff Fishermans radio updating the weather at sparrows fart cause I forgot to turn the VHF off last night!

I'm waiting anxiously for those teenage boy years when you can't wake them up in the morning and they sleep solidly for 12-14 hours, hopefully this is the start!

We had a camping trip the other day, failed miserably though! Huds and I have swags and we tootled up the catlins coast, watching yellow eyed penguins waddle up Jacks Bay beach and settling in for the night at the pounawea camp ground cause we couldn't find anywhere we could free camp, anyway it as a gorgeous night, starry sky, tui's and kereru's in the trees above us, we read a book until 9pm then said goodnight! At 2300hrs I started giving Huds the hard word, by midnight he was asleep- finally, just too exciting! Then at 0200hrs- boing! Awake and raring to go, he got the hard word again, and again, and by 0300 I said if he didn't go back to sleep we''d have to go home, so at 0330hrs we upped and home by 0600, very non- refreshing way to start the day! Learnt a lesson in making threats that I don't really want to follow through on!

Hmm, still sleeping soundly!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shoulder vest

I'm surprisingly organised again this morning so have taken some snaps of the shoulder machine exercises that I've finally managed to get happenning thanks to Michelle! I start with the t-shirt I made with the pockets sewn onto it, this means the foam stays in place no matter how long Hudson practices his overarm or golf swing

So the boy wears the t-shirt, pockets empty but you see they're sewn on to stay in place, then in goes the foams and bladders

The vest is made from polar fleece, is a tiny size, about the same amount of stretch as the wraps, and once it's on it's very snug!

Pop in a towel to keep the foams apart and in place, same on the front, zip her up!

Machine Triumph

Must be late, I tried three ways of spelling success and none of them look right, so triumph it is, if a little over-rated! Michelle has lent her idea and vest to Huds to try and get the machine ticking away on his shoulders, works a treat- underneath he has four S2 bladders, foam and towel padding between and the vest is tight and acts as a wrap- he had it on for 8 hours and it was safe and snug! Next time I put it on I'll take snaps as I go now that I know it works!

See? It's all packed in there! No cords to tangle in, no matter if he practices his butterfly stroke, now all he has to do is grow into those ears!

Onion the grater

Huds new puppy Onion is proving to be hazardous to any ABR foams- she loves all types, snatching a melon or candy before it even touches the ground and running at high speed to her secret hoarding place, chewing ripping the flat foams making more loose foam than I really need, and her current favourite is shredding the backing foam, some have bites, some ripped, but only if I catch her- otherwise they end up in foamy heaven! Where all good foam ends up!