Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shoulder vest

I'm surprisingly organised again this morning so have taken some snaps of the shoulder machine exercises that I've finally managed to get happenning thanks to Michelle! I start with the t-shirt I made with the pockets sewn onto it, this means the foam stays in place no matter how long Hudson practices his overarm or golf swing

So the boy wears the t-shirt, pockets empty but you see they're sewn on to stay in place, then in goes the foams and bladders

The vest is made from polar fleece, is a tiny size, about the same amount of stretch as the wraps, and once it's on it's very snug!

Pop in a towel to keep the foams apart and in place, same on the front, zip her up!


  1. You're a genius. How do you get H to keep the stuff on all night? S thrashes around and gets tangled in cords or squashes the air out of them, causing machine to make alarming noises. Boat, crew both look pretty decent :)

  2. Great idea!!! It would probably help us with pelvis applications during night! :D