Sunday, February 20, 2011

Timing's perfect!

On Friday at the Otatara Community Nursery I asked if there was any issues about planting natives on the verge, not an issue apparently, which is lucky because I am currently transforming a 6x20m verge of sloping grass into a bountiful if small forest ;-) Bit by bit the grass is being covered by the carpet ripped up from the house before the floors were polished and as the grass dies I plant it out in natives and move the carpet along, good things take time!
In Saturdays paper there's an article about a similar endeavour in Otatara and local legend Lloyd:
Hmmm, doesn't make it exactly clear what the issues are besides obscuring drivers vision but surely 6m off the road and plans to hedge it isn't creating an issue for the council, sanity often doesn't prevail though!

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