Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lighthouse picnic

Holidays are over, back to school for Huds tomorrow and back out on the hill for me, GPSing some new lines around the back. The weather has been fantastic the last few days, after a week of heavy rain, sleet and snow we have a settled high over us and gorgeous calm clear days. We had the most memorable day yesterday, some friends took us a few km off the coast to an island with a lighthouse on it that we look at everyday and though we've tried, we've never had the chance to get there. After we landed, which was a wee adventure in itself, we sat on the rocky eastern shore and had some scones, it was lovely!

The island had heaps of fur seals, birds and not much else but weeds but we all love a good scrounge around for rubbish and treasure, we found this huge rope and a bouy that will end up on Huds bed.

There was a beach made from very fine stones facing south, we spent a few hours just soaking it up, i know at some stage places like these will be harder for Huds to get to so we make the most of it whist we can get him to remote places.

Huds absolutely loved the whole trip, he yahooed all the way there, laughed and squealed to be this closer to the lighthouse he sees from Bluff and fizzed all the way home.

That's Motupohue in the background, Bluff hill, great to see it from a different angle with just the beautiful forest showing rather than the felled pine trees that are a horrid eyesore! This must have been a flagstaff that someone has chainsawed down, the pole is lying on the ground there, long way to send signals!! I think Huds will remember this trip forever, and these snaps join the other lighthouse ones he has, he's getting his own lighthouse collection!

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